galerie Maner pont aven oeuvre art contemporain superbe sculpture d'Antoine dufilho riva aquarama bois acajou et acier


Architect, passionate by « Futurism », nephew of famous actor, Jacques Dufilho, Antoine Dufilho is painter himself, sculptor, esthete and the greatest fan of Bugatti. Since his early childhood, he has been surrounded by the family’s passion about sportive cars and its’ mechanical beauty.

Self-taught man, he has decided to work on the purification of various legendary and exclusive car models, and to decline each car in “series” of different interpretations. These car models, made of aluminum plates, hammered and soldered together, dressed in custom paint, are expression of speed itself, with oval-shaped wheels, reminding us the effect produced by an old-time photographic shutter (of former days).

Such representation aims to make lighter the models and keep an authentic morphology of the automobile, it gives also a complex vision of new multiple curves. This way of representation reminds the mechanical art of an engine or car’s front grille, and offers to spectator a special perception of the model from different viewpoint. He seeks to integrate in his artworks all aspects of modernity, and especially by choosing materials.

Exhibition and Honors

Since 2013, Antoine Dufilho is displayed in many he exhibits exclusively in Paris at galleries Mickael Marciano.


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