Seascape 22

Mixed media on canvas

120*240 cm

Seascape 5

Mixed media on canvas

120*160 cm

Seascape VII

Mixed media on canvas
120*180 cm



A lifelong artist, Eleonore BERNAIR dedicates her talents to the visual arts. Born in Belgium, based in, Spain, and frequently in the United States, she takes the influences of her travel, dreams, and nature and expresses them on canvas. Her mastery of seascapes uniquely conveys the majesty of nature in a way that is both serene and powerful.


For more then ten years, Eléonore BERNAIR has displayed her work in many Art Galleries around the word. She displays her paintings as permanent artist at Maner’s Art Gallery since Spring 2017. On September 2017, Eléonore BERNAIR came for a special exhibition and live painting session at the gallery in Pont-Aven. Then on April 2018 she came back to Brittany and made a live performance in front on the see in Concarneau, before the departure of the AG2R race linking Brittany to Saint-Barthelemy in Caribbeans.


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