The Artist

Born in Paris in 1958, HERVE Edouard lives in the center of Brittany where he works. Autodidact member of the french association « Sculpteurs de Bretagne », he first devoted himself to painting, then for a dozen years, discovered sculpture. He will try to tame the wood, stone and clay in a figurative work. Then completely change course by discovering the plaster, which will be the material he chooses, with which he will be able to express himself and reach his full potential.

His work aims very clean. It is the constant search for balance, imbalance, asymmetry lines. By judicious mix of lines, he managed to put space dizziness in his works. The subtle curves and edges transmits a certain energy. The light reflecting on the piece allows us multiple perceptions. His works seem weightless.


Edouard HERVE displays his beautiful work in France and Europe. Well known for his abstract style into bronze, his wonderful sculptures are displayed permanently at Maner Art Gallery from winter 2017.


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