Nouveautés Galerie Maner 2019 - Collection Contemporary superbe galerie d'art à Pont Aven Bretagne Sculpture et peintures


Bronze – Edition of 8

28x35x24 cm

Face à Face

Bronze – Edition of 8

60x54x35 cm


Bronze – Edition of 8

60 cm

La Chute

Bronze – Edition of 8

59x49x32 cm

Qui est le lecteur

Bronze – Edition of 8

35x29x22 cm

Pages Balanches

Bronze – Edition of 8

51x35x10 cm


Paola is an Italian sculptor born in Rome in 1968. Her passion for art comes from her grand-father who was a renown painter and sculptor. Following a brillant degree in Litterature, she starts working in journalism but continue sculpting.

Recognized artist in Italy and abroad, Paola has been awarded many times in Italy and Spain. You can now find her work in Marciano’s galleries. She draws her inspiration from litterature and human nature, its dreams and ambitions, its fears and nightmares. A hand, a face, a nose emerge from those bronze pages, with indecipherable writing. Are they here to break the mystery of the story, to challenge the truth or keep a secret?