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In a one and unique place, MANER Art Gallery invites you to discover two exceptional worlds: A first space called “Classic” where
great masters of figurative are displayed art and a second space much more “Contemporary” dedicated to the great signatures of abstract and/or contemporary art.

Paintings, sculptures, local artists and great international signatures, are displayed in harmony and subtlety: MANER Art Gallery invites you to wonder!

The Gallery also wishes to welcome collectors and art-lovers to new discoveries around ART between all its shapes. More than a place of exhibition, MANER Art Gallery is a place where people can meet and share with conviviality and pleasure. Hope to welcome you soon!


A tribute to the great master Roger SURAUD, leader of philosopher’s painting, and a “Vernissage” in honor of Jorge COLOMINA, famous for his “Abstract Figurative”.

Then throughout the year, the works of many artists will be presented to you: Philippe PASQUA, JOY ‘, Georges COROMINAS, Brigitte TEMAN Antoine DUFILHO, Béatrice VAN-EZ, Edouard HERVE, Eléonore BERNAIR, Patrice LARUE, Isabel MIRAMONTES …

Also, find us from April 13th to April 22nd, 2018 in the starting village of the sailing race “Transat AG2R La Mondiale” in Concarneau. Come and meet our artists :

Eléonore BERNAIR, Edouard HERVE, Armelle GH

Then Several exhibitions will be proposed in cooperation with our local partners: The Thalasso Hotel Resort Concarneau and Le Cornouaille Hotel Bénodet

superbe exposition dat contemoporian galerie Maner Pont-Aven Colomina Arman Suraud Joy' Bernair Dufillho Le-nantec Teman Hervé

Galerie Maner Pont-Aven

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