Ceramic & mixed media
82*70*56 cm

La Vigilance

53 cm

Le Rhinocéros Noir

85*40*35 cm

Le Furieux 


66*22*22 cm


Jacques WETTERER awarded a diploma in the Arts and dental Techniques

sector in which he made a long career. He will continue at the same time

as these activities, studies of biology which are going to stimulate its

curiosity and his infinite love for the nature in all its aspects.

Arrived at the term of his career, he decides to dedicate itself completely

to his great  passion  (the artistic reproduction of animals).

Its experience of the modeling of teeth and the sculpture, its deep

Knowledge of the ceramic, plastic and metallurgical materials acquired

by the realization of thousands of human dento-facial restorations will

allow him to arrest with serenity this new domain which is going to get

him unknown feelings.

For 25 years it is the photography which took over allowing him today to

have the best possible support for the realization of its sculptures.

The happiness of the close contact with animals in their environment

motivates the main part of its investments at time and means.

Keep the image to try to reproduce the animal in its most surprising lines,

this is now the new horizon in Jacques life.


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